notes: [This date was originally scheduled for the Petiofi Csarnock in Budapest, Hungary.] Those who showed a ticket stub from the previous night's show could buy a ticket to the second show at half price! The whole band is in a great mood, smiling throughout the show. A special atmosphere is created from the very beginning of the show, making it feel like they are playing right in your living room. Ed fucks up the lyrics and starts directly with "Oh dear dad, can you see me now...", making 'Release' a very short song but still very intense. "Of The girl" and then two more slow songs follow, introduced with, "We'll try and take it easy tonight. Let's get through the pretty ones first..." After each song the band gathers in the middle of the stage and discusses what they will play next. Eddie keeps the other band members from changing their instruments a few times. Mike seems to be very tired and introverted during the first few songs, but still interacts very much with the crowd in front of him. Ed catches a bouquet with a note. He reads it and says, "Oh, they're from a guy" -- 'I'll meet you the show.'" He rips the petals off the flowers during 'Sleight of Hand' while the stage is bathed in blue light. The crowd is hypnotized whitnessing something special happening on stage as it seemed like they would go on with slow songs forever but then they changed hitting with five unbelievable rocking tracks in a row !!! Ed dons a gasmask during 'Daughter' (hey, it was only a matter of time). 'Daughter' is breathtaking with Mike playing some short riffs from 'Another Brick in the Wall' throughout the whole song. When Ed starts singing the verse, everyone joins in with Ed encouraging them by pointing at his ear several times. He sings, "The shades go down..." through a gas mask that was thrown on stage by a fan. He omits out the first chorus of 'Jeremy' like the "new" version played on previous tours. He introduces 'Light Years' with, "This song is about ... well, you know what it is about. It means a lot to me and I hope that it means a lot to you as well." After the song he adds, "The next song is also about a dead guy," and then they start 'Leatherman.' Before 'Off He Goes' Ed says, "That's a little song about friendship. About a friend that is an asshole". Then he points his finger at himself saying quietly that he is an asshole. The audience responds: "Noooooo!". Ed catches a t-shirt during 'Alive' and blindfolds his eyes with it throughout half the song. Mike catches a rose and attaches it to his guitar. The audience yells "Smile, smile" between the songs, and they play it as the encore opener. 'Black' and 'Immortality' are just magical, first with Ed burning the cork of his wine bottle and painting his face and arms with it and then the whole band lining up in front of Matt during the end of 'Immortality,' letting everyone see what a great time they are having and how much they still enjoy playing music together. After 'Soldier of Love,' the audience does the "cha-cha-cha" thing from the single and it makes Ed laugh. Ed manages to convince every fan to be silent during 'Soon Forget,' although they start quietly singing along with Ed. Ed takes the usual polaroids of the first row and takes one picture of himself which he throws off the stage right in the hand of some lucky fan. The setlist was modified as they played at this amazing show; this is what was listed on the written setlists: Release, Animal, Hail Hail, Grievance, Insignficance, Daughter, Evacuation, State of Love and trust, Faithfull, Black, Slight of Hand, Corduroy, I Got Shit, Small Town, Thin Air, Go, Dissident, Jeremy, Of The Girl, Better Man, Leatherman, Alive

Copyright 1996-2000 Jean Bruns