For The Lady

Lista utworów:

Dysk #1:
"Walk On" U2
"Better Man" (live at The Bridge School) Pearl Jam
"In My Place" Coldplay
"In the Way" Ani DiFranco
"No Lies Just Love" Bright Eyes
"Drive" (live) R.E.M.
"Complicated" Avril Lavigne
"Around the Way" Talib Kweli
"Unfolding Grace" Lili Hayden
"Here Comes The Flood" Peter Gabriel
"Motherland" Natalie Merchant
"Cuando Los Angles Lioran" Mana
"Paper Airplanes" Rebecca Fanya
"Oppression" (live) Ben Harper

Dysk #2:
"Freedom" (live) Paul McCartney
"Let Freedom Ring" The Nightwatchman
"Wonderful Tonight" Eric Clapton
"Fragilidad" Sting
"Angel From Montgomery" (live) Bonnie Raitt
"Lonely Soldier" (live) Damien Rice
"The Cage" Travis
"No Liores Por Mi Argentina" Rocio Banquelis
"Keep It Together" Guster
"Memories And Lies" Hour Cast
"Perfect World" (live) Indigo Girls
"Get You In" (live) Better Than Ezra
"So Sad, So Lonely" Matchbox Twenty
"Tempest Of Blood" Mun Awng.